I’m sometimes available for a certain kind of soft skills consulting – applying a philosophical and introspective lens to practical problems and problems of purpose.

If you’re facing a complex, intimidating, personal or business problem – or if you want to attain greater self-knowledge for the the clarification and attainment of your life’s purpose – we may be a great fit.

For enquiries, ping me at contact at michaelcurzi dot com or by Twitter DM.

How I work

Early in the coaching process, I seek an understanding of the client’s problem or goal, by listening to their description of what they’re facing and how they’ve been trying to approach it. If we’re a good fit, we’ll work together to design a custom approach to the client’s particular case, taking into account their interests, constraints and compatibilities.

I draw tools from a wide variety of frameworks and modalities. On the more psychological side, these include Internal Family Systems, somatic scanning, and mental imagery analysis, inspired by the works of thinkers like Jung, Freud, Gendlin and Plato. On the more intellectual side, I use tools from analytic philosophy to surface and refine a problem description to narrow down the crux of an issue in the client’s internal, interpersonal, or career context.

As exploration leads us to a greater shared understanding, I’ll design a plan of action, recommending adjustments to the client’s growth environment, skill development, interpersonal approaches, or the practice of self-work tools the client can take home and develop for years to come.

Executive coaching

The health, energy, and confidence of managers and leaders are especially critical to the success of an organization. In a business context, I work with senior leaders facing varied challenges, from relationship management to navigation of power dynamics, narrative design, team strengthening and development of organizational culture.

A rare perspective

Leaders I’ve worked with have often enjoyed the historical perspective I am able to share as a result of an extended study of antiquity, and the challenges confronted by individuals of note. History can be a source of inspiration and vision, and we can learn a great deal from the deeds of the greats – from Justinian & Theodora to Lee Kuan Yew to Walt Disney.

Not all clients are inclined to a historical or philosophical lens on their situation, and it’s not strictly essential to how I work, but those who are interested will find working with me exceptionally enriching.


Consulting is not always available, but I welcome inquiries at any time via contact at michaelcurzi dot com or by Twitter DM.